A Lemon Study

I had never painted a "political statement painting" before A Lemon Study. Each painting I've ever done has a story behind it. I work from my surroundings, from my experience. I rarely paint a scene I don't know. This work has a rare double meaning...it's a joke and yet a serious still-life that came from my time in a law library. It also speaks to the life I've lived for three years - that of being homeless as a result of an unlawful tax eviction. The wonder-filled home my family and I cherished and owned outright for thirty years here on earth is gone, forever. In its place is an adventure and enormous opportunity for growth. I did this scene to say that law is a sour study. Lemons make your mouth pucker. The study of man's law can make your life "pucker". Studying the law of the LORD is never a waste of time. It can transform your life and provide a foundation set on a rock, unshaken during the storms of life.

As Psalm 19:7 says, "The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul." Romans 8:1-9, the verses selected for this painting, are full of wonderful truths.

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