Scripture, Seeds and Science, How My New Book Finally Came to Be

I am glad our Father promises to “restore the years the locust has eaten” in Joel 2:25. I feel my life is now in the process of being “restored” and that I am being rewarded, making peace with, and seeing a whole and safe completion made by God's grace in several areas of my life.

When I was a child, I really had no plans to become a book author.

I did love to read a wide variety of subject matter, but assigned book reports which required me to compile information covering huge amounts of text, or any sort of creative fiction felt like a lot of work. It was hard for me to focus, to sit still.

And I didn't feel very imaginative, either. Writing fiction also made me feel like I was lying.

The first teacher I had in grade school criticized my then-poor punctuation skills, and so I figured the writing of books should be left to someone else, not me.

Writing books was actually my younger sister's dream; she had hoped to print a book before the age of twelve, which would mean she had a book printed earlier than Shakespeare.

But printing was a much more difficult and expensive enterprise thirty years ago.

My older sister was always good with words, a gifted poet and song writer.

Drawing and painting were much preferred ways to express myself as a child, though I did enjoy dictionaries, playing Scrabble and Boggle, and composing detailed, newsy hand-written letters, on pretty notepaper, to send my pen pals, friends and relatives.

I also really loved the tiny pictures on postage stamps!

After computers became more widely available, email became a cheaper and easier mode of communication than snail-mail.

However, after taking a Journalism class around age thirty, I finally realized I could write – but my genre strength was non-fiction.

My Journalism instructor was a local “retired” man in his eighties, who had invested his entire life in newspaper reporting. He had worked his way up to National Editor and been a Foreign Correspondent to France for the Washington Post.

Just the facts, Ma'am,we want just the facts,” he told the class.

Last May, after participating in an online motivational course, I wrote down some goals on paper, saying I would print a piece I had written back in 2005 in the next 18 months.

Well, after just eight months this goal is becoming a reality!

How I Came to Be a Vegetable Gardener

Growing up as an artist, I didn't have a steady income which would allow me to pay rent. And so, I remained at home for many years. In order to help my family financially during this time, I cooked, cleaned, fed animals and wood fires, and grew large 60'x90' vegetable gardens annually. Providing vegetables for five months of the year was a large savings, most years.

Gardening every Spring, Summer and Fall was hard work that tied me down. Plenty of times I chose to stay home to weed or harvest rather than go anywhere. I've pretty much always been more interested in my projects than having a social life.

I was very dirty from being in the soil a lot, and I'm sure I looked like the Peanut's character, Pig Pen, but the natural world taught me so much.

As I tended thousands of little plants over many years, I often imagined how, if they had been my children, I would want them to grow strong and healthy.

Young plants, like young children, need constant, vigilant oversight so they continue to mature.

There were plenty of dangers from which to protect my little seedlings. Wind, hail, geese, chickens, ponies getting through the picket fence, hot and cold weather, and even mice and voles...I became very emotionally attached to my little plants, I felt their pain and I admired them as they grew, matured and gave fruit in their season.

Writing to Educate Others About Genetic Modification of Seeds

When I first noticed Genetically Modified Organisms written about in the local paper, it was 1997. I remember my mother handing me a newspaper article and saying, “You may be interested in this, Elise.”

I thought the idea of Genetic Modification was an extremely stupid idea, that would soon die a normal death.

But I was wrong. This unnatural idea grew exponentially and proliferated. The idea carried a big lobby in government, with millions of dollars behind it. Feeding people is big business.

Around 1994, author and speaker Jeffrey M. Smith came to the Vermont Statehouse, to speak about the dangers of GMOs. I attended and remember a question he was asked by someone else in the audience.

Do GMOs become weaker with every generation and then die out, as hybrid seeds do?” “No,” he replied, “they actually become more and more promiscuous with every generation, breeding with the weeds around them.”

I had been reading and noticing agricultural passages from the Bible for many, many years, and this statement was the final catalyst for me to begin compiling and writing what I felt I simply had to, from a scriptural viewpoint. Other scientist's writings had also greatly moved me to action.

But it was not an easy topic. I struggled greatly, to know how to pare down the reams of information I had read in many different books, and include the most important Biblical passages, into something which could be understood by the general public.

As I prayed for our Father's assistance, slowly, over a period of six months, my paper began to take shape. Some days I typed for ten hours straight. I remember the elation I felt – I was not tired at all! I was grateful that my sister and mom took on more of my house work chores, letting me focus on my writing.

I remember evenings when I would hear my mom calling from downstairs, “Elise, we're watching a movie, do you want to see it?” “Is it any good?” I asked. “We don't know yet, we haven't seen it,” came the reply. “No,” I would say, “I'm working on my tome.”

What I finally compiled and wrote became a rebuttal of Genetically Modified Organism's (GMOs) being a wise idea, from an unusual perspective, which has never been written before, that I know of.

I feel it is one of the most important projects I have ever completed in my entire life.

Although I've never been given the blessing and privilege of having physical children, this book is my way of leaving a legacy. Unlike my more fun-to-read children's books, this book contains an extremely serious message.

My tome was completed in July of 2005. I took it with me to a science conference, where it essentially changed my life. And I sent it out via email to around seventy-five interested folks.

Because the message is still very applicable and educational twelve years later, I want the information to be more accessible to the general public, in book form.

How to Print A Book You Have Written

Over the past two years or so, despite four moves to different locations and many other responsibilities, I worked to turn my original paper into a chapter book.

I formatted the front matter in November of 2017, and asked my printer for an estimate on what it would cost to make a First Edition of one hundred copies.

Then, in December of 2017, enough funds arrived for me to print. The First Book Proof was put into my hands just three days after Christmas! The Second Proof arrived and I am excited to say this book is going to print very soon!

This little book is just over one hundred pages, contains over one hundred references and end notes, and the front cover looks like this:

I'm asking a gift of $12.50 for each book. With Book Rate shipping and handling added, one book would be $15. Please write for more details, and to order your copy of the book, or to obtain information about bulk orders.

I gratefully remain, among other things, your painting and writing friend,


Blessed is the man...but his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. ~ Psalm 1:1a, 2-3
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