October Wind


  1. This is spectacular! I only wish I could make it so big it would fill my computer screen. I don't know the story behind this painting, but the slope of the hill and the angle of the clouds makes me feel as if the clouds are "shooting" over the hill and revealing some light in the sky upon a darker October landscape.

    1. Thank you, Rick. Glad you like it! It's in my personal collection, because I love it, too. When I can find/take a larger image, you're welcome to have it for your desktop. The story behind this painting is that I worked with a land surveyor with my older sister, years ago. We were finishing the day, coming out of the woods, when I saw the trees silhouetted against the sky and snapped a photo. The painting says more than the photo did - the clouds have movement and feeling!

  2. Rick, I've just made this image larger here on the blog. I believe the original image was a small scanned photograph, hence not great pixel info...it makes a fuzzy desktop image on my notebook computer. Will have to gain a better image.


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